Testing errors? Passed tests without any code modification

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I have noted in the code the issue in this exercise.
Submitting the default code supplied with no addition or changes to it will pass the tests.

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const uppercaseString = (string) => {
return string.toUpperCase();

const lowercaseString = (string) => {
return string.toLowerCase()

//const exports = "WHERE IS THIS VARIABLE?";

// issue (1) export exports <--
This causes error:
SyntaxError: unknown: Support for the experimental syntax 'exportDefaultFrom' isn't currently enabled (11:8):

//issue (2) export { lowercaseString, uppercaseString}
After removing the export from the individual lowercaseString and uppercaseString, this referenceError persists.
This causes error:
ReferenceError: exports is not defined


/* Issue (3)
Running the test without any export causes it to pass the tests.

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Challenge: Use export to Share a Code Block

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It will pass with all those comments included, because the test is looking at the text in the editor and doesn’t always know if it’s inside a comment block. If you just reset the code so that it only has the original two functions, the tests will not pass.

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