Testing my projects in IE 11 , they break

While working perfectly fine in both Chrome and Firefox , also for different screen sizes.
So annoying, I was almost done and ready to upload all five projects, but now I’ll be stuck on this for a while.
I have no idea where to begin to think the errors (for IE 11) could be ?

Oh & the code was html and css w3c validated to be correct.

This is only using html5 and css3 , and only happens with the smaller sizes. My media queries work fine for chrome and firefox.
Anyone have any idea how to go about this?

I see part of the shiv.js conditional comment in the upper left corner when the page breaks, I don’t know if it’s relevant as it applies (or should) to older IE versions.

I need to add that this happens in IE developer mode , not when I open my page in regular IE ,and resize the window, then it works fine. Also works fine in Edge.
So changing the IE "document mode emulated " size causes problems.
I’m unsure what to make of this ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Is it a requirement that it works in IE?

There is no specific compatibility requirement, and even the definition of “working” is up to you, since all projects are submitted on the honor system. If we were to run the tests automated in the future, they’d be using Chrome. I wouldn’t worry one bit about a project breaking only in developer mode on an EOL’d browser.

Oke thanks, I was suspecting I was going a bit over the top :slight_smile: