Testing not working on the HTML/CSS projects

Hello everyone,

I am retraining myself to boost up my web design/development skills. I noticed from the

“Basic HTML and HTML5: Say Hello to HTML Elements” section there’s a message that says

“Each challenge has tests you can run at any time by clicking the “Run tests” button. When you pass all tests, you’ll be prompted to submit your solution and go to the next coding challenge.”

However when I click on “Run the Test”, nothing happens, it doesn’t say whether I have passed/failed or made a mistake. Does this mean after completing every section up to the last then I will be prompted or maybe I am not reading/understanding this message properly.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Hey @EOgunkeye,
Could you post a screenshot of your page?
That will help us in helping you.

Thank you for your reply, I hope this helps.

The test expects you to have text “Hello World” inside h1.
You have “Hello world”.
Write the “W” in world in capital letter and you will pass the test.
Does that help?

I fixed the issue, it seems that it wasn’t showing up because I was testing it on Microsoft Edge internet browser.

I ran it on Chrome and it showed up that I passed. Thanks for your help.

pero no se como empezar el curso y para que se guarden el contenido que estoy haciendo de el mismo