Testing Objects For Properties Failing Last Test

I am not passing the last test, not sure what else to look at.

Can someone please provide some guidance?

it’s much better if you post your code instead of a screenshot

But, can you explain why you declared obj inside the function?



Thank you for your reply, the only reason I did that is because of the instructions that state to only change code within these parameters. On and off I have been trying to decipher exactly what the instructions are throughout my process at freecodecamp, some of the explanations are a bit mixed at times, although I try to do different things to try to test the outcomes I also try to stay within the parameters given.

Thank You,

the instructions didn’t say to create a new object. The function has already an obj parameter, if you overwrite it you are loosing the reusability of a function

That is a very good point. Ok, let me rework the code and get back to you.

Thank You

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