Text-to-Speech instructions panel

Hello everyone, this is my first post.

I think an interesting idea would be to have a Text-to-Speech audio button

That reads every non code text from the instructions of each challenge

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While that would be pretty cool, it would probably be a huge amount of effort. FCC does work hard to make their curriculum work well with screen readers, but this is obviously not going to exclude the editor.

Well the div has always the same class “challenge-instructions” so it shouldn’t be that hard to capture the text.

Anyone know if there is like a open source or free text speech api over there?

I am going to try to make it work using userscripts and then maybe we can submit it to freecodecamp github

Just doing a quick Googling, it looks like there are a few different approaches being used by Chrome extensions. That might be a good place to start. Even if this doesn’t fit well with the current feature plans for FCC (I have no idea) you could maybe build a similar extension and share it with the community. That’d be rad.

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