Text transform capitalize bug with more than one em? inside p


The first three lines not work as is write inline or no idea. The last got big B because enter insert there. What the reason first three lines not apply capitalize without enter?


If you look at the sentences without the CSS applied you’ll see the reason.

The way you’ve written it, it reads as;
with big letterbig letter also

You need to use spaces properly.

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So you mean space betwen em tags I got it. But still that looks weird! P:)

Weirder than having two ‘sentences’ back to back within two opening and closing <em> tags instead of just one? :wink:

In the real world this would more than likely be two sentences and a sentence ends with a period and then a space before the next sentence starts. Even if both sentences were surrounded by <em> tags.

Another way you can look at this. Say you added a font awesome icon to a button that has text. (A left arrow to a back button or a trash can to a delete button.) You’d put a space between the icon and the text so that the text of your button doesn’t butt against the icon.

Is for seperate like on a margin: 10px; not in only one em tag that looks just a contain text.