Textarea placeholder issues

Hi all,
my projects were submitted weeks ago but I can’t help but go back to them sometimes to play around/improve them.
There was 1 little niggle I had with survey form where I could not get textarea placeholder to work. Don’t usually have issues with placeholder, infact it worked on my product landing page no problems.
Anyone have an explanation for the querky behaviour? Thanks

I’m not sure I understand, this:

<textarea placeholder="Comments..." id="comments"></textarea>

seems to work fine for me.

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Thanks for looking.
That’s strange, it does not work for me. I just get a blank textarea when I use placeholder. I have to nest my text inbetween the tags to see anything which of course means the text doesn’t disappear when you start typing.

this is nice

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It is really weird that the same code works for my product landing page but doesn’t work on my survey form. Makes no sense but it is what it is I guess.

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I like to go beck to some old projects and style them…
some times

You probably still have space or line breaks between the opening and closing <textarea> tags. That’s interpreted by the browser as “someone has already started typing into that textarea, so I shouldn’t show the placeholder anymore”.


Once again @jsdisco hits a home run. You are a star sir! :slightly_smiling_face:
Problem fixed, a single space was the culprit, can’t believe I didn’t work that out, I had both brain cells working on it as well

I was super proud for figuring that out, thanks for giving me the opportunity to shine like a disco ball :sparkles:


now you can fix it and style it :smiley:






I am trying somting with anime.js and its not quite working :rofl:

I am not used to working in such small boxes, I forget about the text wrapping and didn’t even notice there was a space between them. Would have removed it had I noticed just for the sake of neatness without actually realising how important it is.
I am finding even basic JS very difficult, will be a while before I can do anything useful with it… if ever so good luck with yours and thanks for the useful link.

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