The code editor is not working

I passed the lesson CSS Grid and solved Tribute Page, and when I went back to the CSS Grid path, I found that the code editor is not

What do you mean by “not working”?

You can try clearing the browser cache and see if that helps.

I did not solve the lesson on css grid and I solved the tribute page, and when I return to the lesson on css grid, I cannot write on the code editor

You may just have to clear everything in the browser for fCC and try again.

The Cookie AutoDelete extension is pretty handy. If you use the dropdown menu on the Clean button you can select “Clean All for this domain”. Just make sure you are on the fCC challenge page when selecting the option.

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thank you .
I have changed the browser and it is working

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That’s good.

But it does mean that the browser you were using likely has something saved that is causing issues. It’s also possible it was an unsupported browser (or an old version of the browser). So just remember it will most likely continue to not work in that browser until you fix it (if you want to and can fix it that is).

Happy coding!