The codepen says that only 8 out of 10 tests pass, but does not say which tests fail

So I signed into Codepen to produce the first project, a tribute page.

And I run the tests. I see that 8 out of 10 tests pass. There is no mention of which of the tests failed. I suppose figuring that part out might be part of the test, or perhaps there is a list of the specific tests that I failed somewhere. Should I be changing things blindly or should I be looking for the list of the two tests that failed?

Hi @industrialdoctor !

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Click on the run test button and it will show you the error messages.


Thanks. I had thought that I had tried that before, but I just did it again and it gave me a big box with two explanations of errors, so I guess I know how to do it now.


EDIT: Alright you figured it out already.

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