The CSS offset property "bottom" is not working and it has me stuck on this lesson, what do i do?

here is my code for this lesson :



h2 {

position: relative;

left: 15px
bottom: 10px;





<h1>On Being Well-Positioned</h1>

<h2>Move me!</h2>

<p>I still think the h2 is where it normally sits.</p>


For some reason the offset property “bottom” isn’t working , is this a glitch or error in the lesson or am I doing something wrong , please help me

Hi @gasandtoots. Welcome to the forums.

In the future, show us your code in markdown format, that is, your code between a pair of three backsticks ```

your code

You forget to write ;

how do I show code in markdown format ? for future reference

This link is a reference. The FCC forums supports MarkDown.

This code:

function fancyAlert(arg) {
if(arg) {

We can see:

function fancyAlert(arg) {
  if(arg) {

This is more friendly to the presentation.