The .env File does not pass

The challenge says, in the /json GET route handler, transform the response object’s message to uppercase if process.env.MESSAGE_STYLE equals uppercase . The response object should either be {"message": "Hello json"} or {"message": "HELLO JSON"} , depending on the MESSAGE_STYLE value.
my code…

app.get("/json",  (req, res) => {
if (process.env.MESSAGE_STYLE === "uppercase") {
res.json({"message": "HELLO JSON"});
} else {
res.json({"message": "Hello Json"});

this code still wont pass…meanwhile ive created the MESSAGE_STYLE key with the value: ‘uppercase’ in the SECRETS (environment variable).


I see that in the else branch you have Json and it should be json. Might be the reason why the test is not passing.

this worked…thank you