The famous WIKI Api problem

I have spent hours on this. For some reason, the API simply wont work for me, the ajax call is being made but no response at all. I read many threads about the same issue. I tried jsonp, callback=?. None are working for me!!
Here is my code pen: Wiki builder

This is driving me crazy! I tried to copy the ajax call of the working code pens, but still wont work! Also, after manually resending the ajax call (from browser), I get a response but from jquery, it simply doesnt want work…

[Update] For some reason, after removing browser cache, it started working…

What is not working? Seems to be working for me.

works for me too … only problem i have is on small window i cant access the dropdown menu … so to see the input and search and read random i have to have a full width screen

Working for me, too, on both Firefox and Chrome.