The forward slash in Improve Accessibility of Audio Content with the audio Element

it’s really pleasant to see some decrative improvement on the website.
in the lesson as the topic showed, there is a forward slash in the end in each example. just don’t why. And as a new comer to programming who easily forget knowledge points, i have to review prior lessons several times or search for something i just learned, it would be great to have a search field just with the scope of the lessons and a next challenge button directly. Thank devs for the hard work.

do you mean like <img />?
it’s a way to indicate that it is self closing, it’s not wrong either to just use <img>, maybe more correct

Many thanks. Seems html and css are capable of tolerating different syntax. like I just drop the px in the value,or lose a closing tag or a semicolon, the editor still demonstrates the right layout I need.

yes, it does to a certain extend. Make sure to pass your code through an html and/or css validation tho!

you get a lot of unexpected behaviour with wrong syntax