The freeCodeCamp Podcast is back – now with video

I’m excited to say that the weekly freeCodeCamp Podcast is back and going strong.

We’re now doing video as well. And I play a different bass line on my bass each episode for the intro.

I’m doing interviews with devs each week. Here are some recent guests:

You can listen in your podcast player of choice and subscribe. Or you can watch the video version, with new episodes dropping every Friday on YouTube:

I’ll keep these coming. I hope you enjoy these long, probing, unedited conversations with devs. And I hope they keep you motivated and plowing forward with your skills.

Enjoy. :camping:


wow!! great news, this gonna be so much enlightening, thanks to freeCodeCamp community.

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Will definitely check this out…
Thank you for everything, fCC!

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Perfect, this is more than good news this is going to be cool Keep going FCC thanks for your great help.


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Hi, Quincy! I know that the pod has shifted towards interviews, but do you know why the older episodes on Spotify are being removed? The oldest one is episode 18, but my favorite pod episodes were definitely the first 10. Now I cannot find them :frowning:

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I’m not sure why Spotify is removing these, but all the episodes are available at

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Thank you so much!!!


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Subscribing through AntennaPod on my phone. Great chats and quite allright bassplaying also :smile:

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