The front page says I can learn Git

As a BRAND new user to freeCodeCamp (I mean 30m old), I was enticed to sign up by the info on the front the page that says this site teaches Git. I’d love to try to learn but now that I’m here I don’t see where to go to do that. As a general rule, I’m having a hard time getting a hang of what’s what. Can someone tell me where to go? it would be appreciated!


Hey @GameGenorator welcome to FCC. I would recommend you to start at But if you wanna learn about Git on FCC you can find that on

Welcome to the fcc universe, you’ve been mislead as fcc doesn’t teaches git like a course as of now. So if you want to learn through exercises, head on to which has visual exercises to make you familiar with beginner git.

Ok, Thank you for your help! But why would they advertise teaching Git if they don’t teach it, isin’t that false advertising?

Ok, thank you. After going to both of those links, I still can’t find anything that teaches Git even though they say they do at second link you mentioned, am I missing something?

That takes me to a site that says:
" freeCodeCamp Guide

This website is full of articles about all things related to programming. You can use the search bar above to find something you would like to learn about, or use the navigation to explore the content.

There are articles on:

  • SQL
  • Mathematics
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Git
  • and a whole lot more

Not sure where to start?

If you want to learn programming but you’re not sure where to start, check out freeCodeCamp. It has a curriculum that starts from zero and helps you learn to code.

Contribute to the Guide

This site and the articles on it are open source. Your help in making it better is greatly appreciated!

Happy coding!"

Okay go to this one.

AH! OK, so they do have it. but it’s just documentation. No interactivity, correct?

Yeah they do have the documentation. As you can see on the guide, they have documentation for a lot of things. But the curriculum is mainly focused on JavaScript and its related frameworks.

Someone is currently working on adding a Git section to the curriculum, but it will be a while before it gets into production. My guess is 6 months at least.


OK, thank you for your help!

Ok, what is the difference between curriculum and documentation in this case?

Documentation refers to the Guide ( Curriculum refers to the Learn sub-domain ( The curriculum has interactive lessons/challenges.


Ok, Thank you for all your help!