The html tags should wrap around one h1 element help

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 <!DOCTYPE html>
   Hello Shannon!

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You did not complete what the instructions asked of you. You have the opening and closing html tags (which is correct), but you are missing an h1 element. Currently, you just have some text “Hello Shannon!” inside the html element.

The first challenge in this section shows you how to create an h1 element.

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Wow, Thank you. This whole time I’ve been forgetting to add the 1’s … I feel like I am horrible at this!

Keep at it. Read carefully. Search Google (really this is a coding skill). You can do it.

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I don’t know how many times I searched google and got nothing… I just copy and paste the problem and still got nothing.

hrm. Like I said it’s a skill you need to learn. For example the there is a list of tests at the bottom. If you copied the h1 test text into google you would have gotten quite a bit on h1 tags:

Try it with each lesson. Do a search for the tag you are trying to learn. Do it with the tests you do not pass. Searching and reading about syntax is part of the coder’s toolset.

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