The html tags should wrap around one h1 element

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<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>this is sample</title>
        <h1><p>this is tag</p></h1>

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what’s wrong with my code, it’s not working…

You code is actually a little advanced for this problem.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    // Your h1 element should be the only thing in here

Also the syntax for a h1 element is:

<h1>This is a h1 element</h1>

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Go here:
Paste your code into it.
Read the Suggestions.

You don’t put P tags in H1 tags.

Do exactly what the problem asks you to do, no more.

<!DOCTYPE html>


    <head>head tag</head>

 <h1>h1 tags</h1>

 <body><h1>h1 element</h1></body>

 <footer><h1>h1 element</h1></footer>