The img element should be centered within its parent element

having a bit of trouble with this one. help please?
a link to my pen is attached below

there is no such property as align-image

Images are aligned by means of the attribute margin.
To center an image horizontally use margin: 0 auto;
For more details see the MDN Docuemntation, it’s a valuable tool to learn more about html elements, css properties and more…


One way to center an image is by using the margin property and a value of auto for the left and right sides.
Another method would be to declare the parent division as a grid container and give the justify-items property a value of center.
You will need to do a little research to learn the syntax of how to achieve this.


brilliant, thats done it! thank you!

thank you for messaging, ill look into this so ive learnt that as well

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