The last clause of the instructions just confused the heck out of me

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assign the removed elements to their corresponding variables,

so that the returned array contains their values.`

so why would pop and shift put them into an array and why would they be in that order? wouldnt it have returned complete challenge?

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function popShift(arr) {
let popped = arr.pop(); // Change this line
let shifted = arr.shift(); // Change this line
return [shifted, popped];

console.log(popShift(['challenge', 'is', 'not', 'complete']));

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Challenge: Remove Items from an Array with pop() and shift()

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you are asked to return the elements removed by pop and shift, pop and shift do not put elements in array, that’s done using the shifted and popped variables

pop removes the last element, shift removes the first element of the array
which are "complete" and "challenge" respectively, putting first the shiftend and then the popped variable, you get ["challenge", "complete"]

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that explains what i already know.
thats seems to be what you do.

thanks anyway.

if your question was “Why the variables are put in an array?”, that’s just what the challenge asks for

Otherwise, please ask again

I believe I was confused by the order it returned. Maybe my last line was confusing? I cannot review or revise now can I. Thanks.


I see now that its the way the return statement was written. My forum option is gone. Please just let it die.


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