The markdown is not rendered as HTML

I’ve been trying to build the markdown previewer with the help of FCC’s code, yet it doesn’t convert the markdown to HTML. I’ve checked verbatim with the reference code.
This is the link to the pen. Thanks in advance


That link took me to a screenshot showing people with similar braids to Elsa from Fronzen :ice_cube: :princess:

Oh damn I’m extremely sorry shall edit it right away.

Your initial markdown is not converting to html, but if you type in additional markdown then it does. Does that give you a big enough hint about where the problem is?

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It is adding the HTML, you are just not using valid markdown syntax so all the text is inside a <p> element.

But still, it doesn’t recognize #. And also the flow seems logical to me. I’m rendering the Editor with the initial value that is further converted to HTML. Is there a difference?

Oh yes it is working!. Thank you so much.