The Odin Project | Feedback with "Project: HTML/CSS" search engine home page

Hello people!

I have been trying to finish my first web page but I had some troubles since I feel very lost, I’m trying to do a little every day because I get frustrated easily. Below I will share links to my code and a screenshot of how it looks, I know it’s horrible and the colors suck (I am going to change them, I was just testing and let them like that for now). What I want to achieve, is to move my navigation bar so it can occupy the space to the left, but I don’t know how to do it. I have watched a tutorial but they have a logo on it which expands the navbar to that position, and in this case I don’t need one.

I also would like, if possible, some feedback on the rest of my code. Is there anything which is not needed? Is there something missing?

I know I’m supposed to create a Google homepage but the project is going to be exactly the same but with the DuckDuckGo logo above the search box.

Screenshot of my project:

Thanks a lot.

HTML PrivateBin URL:

CSS PrivateBin URL:

The nav is inside a .container that is 80% wide and floated right.

Also, if you need more help please posted the code online using something like Codepen.