The problem with the JS: Maximum call stack size exceeded

I am trying to program a calculator for my blog. I have 2 input fields [X1] and [X2] and the result field [Y1], I used if else if but since the test run is long I get “Maximum call stack size exceeded” error, how can I solve this problem?

if(x[1]>=0 && x[1]<=1409.99 && x[2]>=0 && x[2]<=5) {y[1]=0;}
else if((x[1]>=1410.00 && x[1]<=1939.99 && x[2]>=1 && x[2]<=5) ||
(x[1]>=1940.00 && x[1]<=2229.99 && x[2]>=2 && x[2]<=5) ||
(x[1]>=2230.00 && x[1]<=2519.99 && x[2]>=3 && x[2]<=5) ||
(x[1]>=2520.00 && x[1]<=2819.99 && x[2]>=4 && x[2]<=5) ||
(x[1]>=2820.00 && x[1]<=3109.99 && x[2]==5)) {y[1]=0;}

else if(x[1]>=1410.00 && x[1]<=1419.99 && x[2]==0) {y[1]=5.4;}
else if(x[1]>=1420.00 && x[1]<=1429.99 && x[2]==0) {y[1]=12.4;}
else if(x[1]>=1430.00 && x[1]<=1439.99 && x[2]==0) {y[1]=19.4;}
else if(x[1]>=1440.00 && x[1]<=1449.99 && x[2]==0) {y[1]=26.4;}
else if(x[1]>=1450.00 && x[1]<=1459.99 && x[2]==0) {y[1]=33.4;}
else if(x[1]>=1460.00 && x[1]<=1469.99 && x[2]==0) {y[1]=40.4;}
else if(x[1]>=1470.00 && x[1]<=1479.99 && x[2]==0) {y[1]=47.4;}
else if(x[1]>=1480.00 && x[1]<=1489.99 && x[2]==0) {y[1]=54.4;}
else if(x[1]>=1490.00 && x[1]<=1499.99 && x[2]==0) {y[1]=61.4;}
else if(x[1]>=1500.00 && x[1]<=1509.99 && x[2]==0) {y[1]=68.4;}
else if(x[1]>=1510.00 && x[1]<=1519.99 && x[2]==0) {y[1]=75.4;}
else if(x[1]>=1520.00 && x[1]<=1529.99 && x[2]==0) {y[1]=82.4;}
else if(x[1]>=1530.00 && x[1]<=1539.99 && x[2]==0) {y[1]=89.4;}
.else if(x[1]>=4190.00 && x[1]<=4199.99 && x[2]==0) {y[1]=1951.4;}
else if(x[1]>=4190.00 && x[1]<=4199.99 && x[2]==1) {y[1]=1129.98;}
else if(x[1]>=4190.00 && x[1]<=4199.99 && x[2]==2) {y[1]=786.38;}
else if(x[1]>=4190.00 && x[1]<=4199.99 && x[2]==3) {y[1]=501.58;}
else if(x[1]>=4190.00 && x[1]<=4199.99 && x[2]==4) {y[1]=275.58;}
else if(x[1]>=4190.00 && x[1]<=4199.99 && x[2]==5) {y[1]=108.39;}

else {y[1]=7777;}

I have to ask. What type of calculator are you trying to program?

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it is not a real calculator in the sense that it is just a check input that calculates the seized amount. the user enters how much he earns in [X1] and how many people live in his household and appends a table “seizure table” which gives the user the result of how much is seized.

And how many else/if statements do you have? Seems like there should be a formula you can use to calculate this, which would allow you to get rid of most of those else/ifs.

Regarding the call stack issue, you’ll probably need to give us all of your code. While having all those else/if statements is not ideal, I don’t think they are the cause. Are you using a recursive function call anywhere? Are you looping and the loop doesn’t stop? You haven’t given us enough information to help with this problem.