The React course is seriously out of date

How is curriculum content decided/updated?

If you applied for a React job and was set a tech test in React, and used the approaches suggested by the Fronted Libraries cert (i.e. class components and redux), you would probably be rejected. I have to constantly warn learners against using it.

If there’s a way I could contribute I’d be happy to but I don’t know what processes you have for rewriting curriculums?

It was outdated when I first completed it in 2020, I’m sure chatgpt could knock out some useful ideas, and yes I’ve been rejected from a job for using redux in a tech test before :joy:

Hello there,

The course is old, and we do have a roadmap/outline for the updated course: Project Based Curriculum Lesson Plans - Google Sheets

However, the whole curriculum is going through this update. So, it is taking time to get to the Frontend Libraries section.

On the topic of outdated content:

To expand, whilst we have updated/refactored a lot of the main codebase:

  1. We still use Redux
  2. We still have class-based components
  3. We are not the only ones with codebases written pre- React 16

freeCodeCamp relies on contributions, and a useful place to start is by reading the Contributors Guide.

As for rewriting curricula: We continually do so, but majority of the work does end up being done by staff, because it takes a lot of effort/time, and many volunteer contributors might add a lesson here or there, but often abandon after a while. This causes projects/lessons to feel disjunct, because they are not written in the same voice, or with the same context/planning throughout.

Practically for you, you can:

Otherwise, I will ask others with more context if there is anything specific you could do to help with the React curricula.

Hope this helps


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