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Hi. When i was trying to solve the lesson/problem. I understood from the requirement that the number needs to be incremented if the value is undefined. Which made me think that an if statement should be inserted in the brackets of the parameters. (number, value )

But when i checked on the hint of the lesson/problem. I understood that the value is equal to one when its undefined. i believed that what should have been written instead of saying “it will add 1 to number if value is not specified”. I thought it will add one in the parameter area and not outside it.

just saying. Maybe some figured it out. but it took me time to solve the problem. Where finally i was forced to check the help section

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// Only change code below this line
const increment = (number, value = 1) => number + value;
// Only change code above this line

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Challenge: Set Default Parameters for Your Functions

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I guess I can see maybe how someone could be confused, but I don’t know how else grammatically we could say it.

The default parameter kicks in when the argument is not specified (it is undefined).

Modify the function increment by adding default parameters so that it will add 1 to number if value is not specified.

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