The Skyline Proyect step 40

im just stucked… i did follow the instruction and it’s not working :sweat_smile: idk what’s wrong…
maybe someone can help me…

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Thank you.

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  • The gradient in question is ‘linear-gradient’, not a gradient-linear.
  • The colors are defined as variables, therefor they should have a var keyword in front of them: var(--some-color) - this is guidance.
  • Always post the entire html and css code properly formatted here. Use the </> button for that purpose. Pictures doesn’t mean nothing when it comes to coding.
.bb1a {
  width: 70%;
  height: 10%;
  background-color: var(--building-color1);
  background: linear-gardient var(--building-color1), var(--window-color1);

ok i did it like this… but still…
also now the hint is :

“You should give the background a linear-gradient”…
and im sorry for the picture, im new on the foro and i don´t know how it works yet. And thanks for the tip.

  background: linear-gardient(var(--building-color1), var(--window-color1));

also try like this and either.

Please try to be more careful when typing the words. Now, you have a typo in:

:sweat_smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: hahahaha oh my god… i was stressed, im sorry.
And thankyou again.

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