The use of | in Javascript Regex

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I do not understand why the sign | is used as part of the solution. Doesn’t | mean OR? Wouldn’t that result in only either the front portion or the end portion to be selected instead of both? Please help to clarify it for me. Thank you.

Furthermore, would my solution be considered passable?

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let hello = "   Hello, World!  ";
let wsRegex = /\s+(\S+)\s(\S+)\s+/; // Change this line
let result = hello.replace(wsRegex,"\1\s\2"); // Change this line

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Challenge: Remove Whitespace from Start and End

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with regards to your question about the bar, it is better to think of it like this, whitespace will be matched at the beginning or the end like the tests asks for . That means the regex in the solution is designed to pick up white space at the beginnning (before the bar) AND at the end ( after the bar). So it would pick up beginning white space alone, end white space alone, or both