**The Virus** Using java script

There is an isolated sector of 1MB which has been infected by a virus. An antivirus program can clean the data of that sector at a rate of 5 kbits in 2^-7 seconds. The behavior of the virus is to replicate itself by 2.5 times per second. (i.e infection of 1KB in a sector will become 2.5KB in 2.5 seconds)

  1. How long will it take the antivirus to clean the sector?

The return type should be an array.

VirusGuard(810241024,5.1210241000,2.5) should equal to 3.625

as follow way i have to implement the code

function VirusGuard(sectorzies,cleanrate,replicationrate) {
var result = ;
return result;


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