There is nothing showed under <navbar> tag

Hi all.
First of al, sorry for my skeletal English.
I was working on with the portfolio webpage challenge. Then the problem came up: class navbar-right or mr-auto did not work at all. After a while a created more

tag and changed mr-auto into ml-auto and then it works :smile:. I really have no idea why :smiley:

But then every thing under tag such as footer,… disappear and it cost me 2 hours to found out nothing.
Here is my codepen:

Thank you all very much!

Your code pen is showing the following error … when you click on the little red warning dot i codepen … so i presume you have a problem here

    17|       </div> 
    18|     </div>   
  > 19|    </nav>
    22| <!--Body tu day-->

Inconsistent indentation. Expecting either 2 or 4 spaces/tabs.
  • you are β€œusing” html preprocessor pug which doesnt understand ur html.
    go to settings ->html ->html preprocessor->none

  • move your footer header nav inside body tag or just remove body tag completely. you already have it provided by codepen

  • heres basic html structure

Thank in advance!

Your answer is very useful for me to fix the problem. After days I find out the problem is that i open a tag with β€œ<h.1>” and end with β€œ</.p>” :smiley: .

Thank you very much for your helping guys