This is a kotlin language chat for asking

If you are learning kotlin and want to ask someone about it this can be a place for it and also if you know kotlin and want to help i could use some more on it thanks. As for me im starting the learning process if you want to join in on that just let me know.

if you have a question about something, why don’t you post your question and your code?

oh i will just reaching out to others to talk to other than just ask questions to talk about code stuff aswell. Is that fine or against rules?

you have more chance of interacting with people with clear questions - your post is not clear about how you would interact with others in this thread

its about interacting though to socialize about code. I mean should i not bother with that and only post my questions and thats it? Then maybe i got the wrong idea about this place. I dont know where to go to talk with others about code other than just talk cuz i have a question. Ok well i think i get it now.

for just chatting, there is a discord server:

that was helpful thank you and now im probably gonna get flagged or banned or something from there also. In case u didnt get that it was a joke lol
What is the discord name it takes me to twitter. Is this a twitter thing?

So i dont know where there discord is I mean whats it called?

the invite link (only one existing) is in the article after the rules

so its for twitter? cuz i dont see info on discord for it.

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i will thanks I was just not sure if i was ever going to get to that point lol i missed it. Didnt notice it was the join link for it. Thanks again!

there are written three things to know about discord server, and below that the link to join

yes thanks to all I appreciate this and i have already introduced myself so i hope to find a group to study with or learn from.

Just to clarify, it’s not that it’s against the rules of the forum or anything like that, it’s just that forums don’t work at all well for chat. Unless there are lots and lots of people interacting with this specific thread and bumping it, it’ll just disappear. And as most people in the forum are just asking for specific help and are not here to chat about Kotlin, unfortunately the thread disappearing is what will happen. It’s just how these things work, and Discord is much better for actual chat.


Welp it is what it is i guess but thanks.