This is my first project, please review and give your feedback

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I think it looks great!

Some suggestions I’d say are:

  • The contrast between the background colour and text colour in the footer might be a bit too close. Same as the h4 on the grey background and the white/orange in the

  • Having .header-content: 100vh means that you have this weird empty space when the image scales down. It’s at the bottom until your media query puts in padding-top: 40%
    It looks a bit weird on mobile with only being able to see the image until you scroll - but it might be what you were aiming for.
    If you want the header content always 100vh I would suggest using something like align-items: center rather than messing around with the padding :slight_smile: Depends what you’re going for!

These are only small tips, but I think it looks good overall!


Thanks for the feedback Josh, and just as you said i was actually hoping for that 100vh that’s why i used padding-top to bring the content down .But i will definitely look into what you suggest -(the color contrast and responsiveness), anyway thanks for the suggestion really appreciate it.