This is my voting app (reactjs + redux + passport + nodejs + express)

Hey guys this is my voting app,
For me this was the biggest project i worked on, it was definitely really hard for me at first, principally to get the passportjs + reactjs working together , i didn’t know how which end up making me spent a lot of timing thinking, however later on i came up a solution which i don’t know if it was the most efficient way (i would love comments on that, on how you guys set up passport with react js and express together) . The solution for the authentication was to keep the standard form with express using routes, but handling the client part with AJAX calls. This solution worked well principally because i maintained state with redux.

well anyway it is not perfect but i am very proud of what i built

the most crazy part is the amount of hours i spent with this so far.
this is definitely a demonstration of how serious the FCC backend projects are LOL.

anyway here is the link:

here is the rep
the code is still messy i have to refactor it

if you have any comments or if you find any bugs let me know = )

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The UI looks extremely well designed and well built.

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thanks for the feedback !!! = )