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Hey man i am interested this job can you share more details with me

Hi I am interested in doing it but cannot move to CA as I am from India.

Hi @diarmuid-murphy I’m Very intersted to get this Job. So, I can’t move CA but I’m fully avalieble for remote Job. Tell me what’s needed to start. On the other hend, can you provide more details about the open!?

Cool opportunity for those interested.

Hello @diarmuid-murphy, I am interested in being your team member, because this will help me learning how the work in the industry goes on. Thank you so much for providing such a great opportunity for FCC members.

But it couldn’t be possible for me to join you in the coffee shop in person as I’m pursuing the degree in B.Tech but we can surely have some coffee when I come to Bakersfield CA. We can work on GitHub or any other platform suited for you and contact each other using video call.
Thank you

First of all ,I would like to appreciate you the opportunity that you forward someone who interested to join your team.
I am an interested person to join you and contribute to the team .

For further information, how we dive into the task? please ,let us know how we can touching base ?

very respectfully

Teferi Heye

I am interested. I live in Atlanta, GA but would have no problem relocating.

My lease in Atlanta, GA ends May 31st which is like 2 weeks so after that I am open to move.

I’m a lot further into development than the html & css sections here I’m using Angular and React and Nativescript along with Wordpress and some experience with Gut and Wordpress. Would like to focus on one for a while.

Hi @diarmuid-murphy,

I am interested in this position. I started learning front-end technologies in February. Although I am comfortable working with HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery, I am learning new things every day. I am currently learning React and SASS.

You can view some of the projects that I worked on GitHub:

I currently live in NY but I have no problem relocating.

Please let me know if you need any further information.

Thank you for posting this opportunity,

It’s been said already but thanks to people like you @diarmuid-murphy, this community is as strong as it is. I am also interested and would love to learn more. I currently live in Los Angeles, and commute to Bakersfield sometimes for work.

I completed the HTML and CSS sections and am currently working through the front-end challenges of the Wikipedia viewer. Would be happy to discuss more about the position and my qualifications. Thank you again.

I see that I’m late to the game. Any chance that there is still an opening?
I’ve already done Udacity’s Front End Web Developer Nanodegree and am working through Free Code Camp’s content to become a Full Stack developer.
I do live in Ca, but near the Bay Area. Though, if it is going to be remote, then I could definitely justify going down to Bakersfield for a while to get it started.
Please feel free to Private Message me or send an email to

Hello. My name is Karina Torres. I live in Bakersfield. I realize this was posted just over a month ago, but if the position is still available, I’d like to be considered. You can email me here.

Hello @diarmuid-murphy,

I am very interested in your open position. I have completed the HTML & CSS elements of freeCodeCamp, and I am currently working on the JavaScript content.

I hope to hear from you. Thanks!