Thread Modes creating an 'adress book' in python using dictionaries?

hello dear saikrishnauppaluri

many thanks for the input and your idea. love to hear from you

And besides that i could make use of a db:

SQLite would probably be sufficient. As i am pretty new to Python i think i have to dive into the learning to use an ORM - since i guess that this is a good thing and worth the effort on a trivial first example like an address book.

On a sidenote: a single text file with specific columns (delimited by | ) and using grep is probably sufficient. And i guess that this would bevery nice to search an entire group of entries for the answer … - in order to find out a few letters/numbers found anywhere on the “record”.

saikrishnauppaluri - many thanks for the answer and the help. I really feel encouraged to go on.

have a great day

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I think by using Zip function we can unpack same characters with different values here’s a sample code I tried .

address=[‘some area’, ‘random area’,‘street area’,‘koiu’]

for x,y,z in zip(name,address,phone):
print(f’{x} is from {y} and his/her contact number {z}’)


x is from some area and his/her contact number 123
y is from random area and his/her contact number 456
z is from street area and his/her contact number 789
x is from koiu and his/her contact number 897

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