Tic Tac Toe Game - the simple and ugly, but mine

Hello anyone :slight_smile:

This is my way of doing it. NOT being perfect or pretty, I just wanted it to work. PURE JavaScript. It took me about 2 days to figure out the way it SHOULD work, and this is simplified version of what I thought of. And I made myself to overcome unforeseen complications that I stumbled upon, and wrote the code In like a month or two… Well actually I was avoiding it like fire! And when I actually made myself to complete it, I wrote it in 5 hours :slight_smile:
So if you are like me - You get the idea, but don’t know HOW to make your computer to do the things you want it to do - DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Please!
I tried to make it as simple as possible and simple to read the code. + I can upgrade it to anything more complex anytime.
Now when it is complete, I think I should have made it by using the Arrays :slight_smile: But, what done is done.

I hope it will help someone in some way, maybe? :slight_smile:
Have a good day!

Link: https://codepen.io/ivanaganin/full/ZpBROE/

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I won!

Excellent work getting over the mental hurdles of building a thing - I know it is something I have been fighting with, too!