Tic Tac Toe! - Looking for feedback :D

Tic Tac Toe! - Looking for feedback :D
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Tried to focus on utilizing css-grid and experimenting with css-animations :slight_smile:


Really good-looking, smooth animation, unbeatable ( as far as I could check).
Definitely a good job!


hey, it’s great to play the Tic Tac Toe game. You really coded perfectly. Great work.


mmmh I just played it and won, but it said it was a tie.

with my last click I won.

But besides that very good looking and it took several tries to win :slight_smile:


Oh shoot thanks for catching that! I think I might know what the bug might be :laughing:


Very flat and clean design, I really love it. :heart_eyes:


I will try it again, today, if I can win "officially" ;-)


Fantastic job, very clean and very smart.