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What am I doing wrong with date time?

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Thursday, September 15 th

  <h2>Mortal Kombat Tournament Survey Results</h2>

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  <p>Thank you to everyone for responding to Master Camper Cat's survey. The best day to host the vaunted Mortal Kombat tournament is <time datetime="2016-09-15">Thursday, September 15 <sup>th</sup></time>. May the best ninja win!</p>

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      <p>Posted by: Sub-Zero on <time datetime="2016-08-13T20:01Z">August 13<sup>th</sup></time></p>
      <p>Johnny Cage better be there, I'll finish him!</p>
      <p>Posted by: Doge on <time datetime="2016-08-15T08:12Z">August 15<sup>th</sup></time></p>
      <p>Wow, much combat, so mortal.</p>
      <p>Posted by: The Grim Reaper on <time datetime="2016-08-16T00:00Z">August 16<sup>th</sup></time></p>
      <p>Looks like I'll be busy that day.</p>
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Challenge: Standardize Times with the HTML5 datetime Attribute

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Let’s save your code edit here:
<time datetime="2016-09-15">Thursday, September 15 <sup>th</sup></time>

Then I recommend you reset the lesson (so it loads the original code), and compare this line where you added your <time> element. Did you accidentally change something else on this line?

Nope I did not change anything else other than what’s on here? If I hit reset all code it will just reset this specific lesson not all the code from the first one right?

Yes, hitting reset all code will only reset this one lesson. It won’t affect any of your previous lessons (which stay marked as complete even if you go back and try them again).

Ok thanks will try that now

Finally it worked!!! Thanks for your assistance it’s greatly appreciated!

I am glad to help! :slight_smile: