Time map of Covid 19 cases

Is anybody still working with d3.js?

The USA is about to come out of lockdown and I thought it would be interesting to see how cases have developed. I grabbed some data from NYtimes about county cases and used d3 to create a time-lapse on a choropleth map for some visualization.

Check it out here - covid19 Cases map

I am surprised by the amount of math I had to use for this project. The cases grew logarithmically so on a linear scale you get these bright dots but everything else seems normal. To create a better visualization I had to scale the colors on their own respective logarithmic scale which brightened up the colors on counties with relatively few cases. It’s like turning up the contrast to better see the spread.


@Exogenist Your project looks great! And what is even better, it works. I have not worked with D3.js yet but I may start soon.

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