Timestamp API project feedback

Hi People,
I completed my Timestamp Microservice API project.

The deployed app: https://timestamp-api-microservicemano.herokuapp.com/
Github repo: https://github.com/Armandilho/API-Project-Timestamp-Microservice

Please give me feedback, be it about site layout or about code in general!
This is my first backend project and I’m very excited.
Thank you in advance!!

Heh, not much feedback to give on the layout given it just spits out JSON, but it seems to work in all cases except user story 3, unless I’m missing something? E.g., https://timestamp-api-microservicemano.herokuapp.com/api/timestamp/ doesn’t seem to return the current time.

Otherwise, looks good! (I just started the back end projects as well and can agree, it’s pretty cool to see everything starting to come together for full stack!)

Thanks for Feedback, I fixed the problem with the current time, take a look!

Yep, looks like it works!

Bacana mesmo, Armandilho…!

haha, muito obrigado pelo elogio

api/timestamp/0 result: unix:1565895355771 but expected: 0

api/timestamp/100000 : result: {“unix”:3093527980800000,“utc”:“Sat, 01 Jan 100000 00:00:00 GMT”} really wrong…

Check the part of timestamp…