Timestamp Microservice ✔ done

Heroku: https://exconf-timestamp.herokuapp.com/
GitHub: https://github.com/eXConf/timestamp/tree/master

Was a bit surprised that some other campers used modules to parse input – I made it with just new Date() and it looks like it’s working, even with different formats (Jan 5, 1984; 01 12 2015; etc). Although I used strftime to make a nice output for natural date.

The only problem was to check if input is a correct unix timestamp – I forgot that it comes as a string. But then I remembered about Number() and isNaN().

There was also a deployment problem, it took me some time to google for it, but the solution was to add start script to package.json and to set port as process.env.PORT || 8080

Hi, i finished my project and when i try to put my github link they ask me to fill the solution field what i should write in that field