Timestamp Microservice on the two test of empty date

Here is my code

app.get("/api", function (req, res) {
const now = new Date();
  res.json({ unix: now.getTime(), utc: now.toUTCString() });

app.get("/api/:date", function (req, res) {
    const { date } = req.params;
    const timestamp = parseInt(date * 1, 10);
    const finalDate = new Date(timestamp || date || Date.now());

    let result;

        if (isNaN(+finalDate)) {
            result = { error: "Invalid Date" };
        } else {
            result = {
                unix: finalDate.getTime(),
                utc: finalDate.toUTCString(),

i have tried every things, all tests are working fine but the two tests with an empty date always fail, i have read some discussion on the forums and even change the timezone of my computer which was UTC +2 to UTC and try again the tests but nothing works!!
can you please help me with this issue

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Challenge: Timestamp Microservice

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I checked your code and it passes for me.
Can you post the response you’re getting for the failing tests?

Here is the test page

I mean open dev tools (F12), select Network tab and select one of the last two requests:

i captured this yesterday

Tests allow for tolerance of ±20 seconds, so only thing I can think of is that server time is off by more than 20 seconds.

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