Tips for making a fixed <div> scrollable? *solved*

So when my data is pulled from Wikipedia, it places it correctly. But in order to get the style of the age down I had to make the elements fixed. The class = infoz is used for my “ul” when its created. I am trying to get this to scroll correctly when its on mobile or when there isn’t enough room on the browser screen.

I have found scroll bar options, but they just look ugly.

Does anyone have any tips for this?

Wiki Codepen

Scroll will work if you move the overflow-y rule to your bigBox class. I’m not sure what looks ugly about the scrollbars, but you can change their style (browser support isn’t great).

Thanks, I will give it a shot.

That worked great, thanks again.

What I meant by ugly is that the border radius and scroll bar corner end up overlapping. But I think i can mess with that to correct it.