Tkinter and ttk Widget titlebars and Window decorations not appearing with Pydroid 3

I am using Pydroid 3 and tkinter. The widget titlebars and window decorations such as the Close and Minimize buttons are not appearing. They were visible at first when I was trying out code, but now they don’t appear at all. I don’t know why they are not appearing. I didn’t use any code with the overrideredirect function but I did check out ttk widget theming with styles. Maybe the ttk widget themes turned off the titlebar? The filedialog widget code I have still runs showing a title and a close button.
There are lots of questions online about how to turn the titlebars off etc. but I just want to turn them on so I can see what they would look like and close windows properly etc. instead of having to exit Pydroid3 and restarting it.
Online answers mention settings for overrideredirect() and calling update_idletasks() but I can’t seem to get them in the right places with the proper flag value to return the titlebars and window decorations.
Also, Pydroid is not working properly. I am saving files and it tells me the file has been saved, but when I run the code and return to Pydroid, the code that appears when I open the file is from before the save.
I was originally going to try using qPython and Kivy but there was a problem with Kivy , qPython3 and my Android version. So then I checked out jupyter notebooks on Pydroid3 and was impressed because everything worked like a charm, but then when I went to try PyQt5, I ran into trouble with Ministro saying the qt version was invalid but the online solution of downloading a new Ministro configuration App and using the “testing” repository setting didn’t work for me. So I’m using tkinter.

I found the solution.
I added the following to my code and I get a normal window with titlebar and window decorations. A Tkinter icon in the upper left corner is not showing so there may be a problem with an image file. One example I am working with uses ‘window’ instead of root.

root = tk.Tk() or window = tk.Tk()
root.wm_attributes(’-fullscreen’, ‘false’) or window.wm_attributes(’-fullscreen’, ‘false’)

I looked into the possibility that the titlebar was not showing because the window manager attribute is defaulting(?) to ‘fullscreen’. It might be a Pydroid 3 Editor setting. There is a System setting, Tkinter: show… (???unable to read full text) “If not set, the program runs in fullscreen mode”. It was not set. But changing the setting and restarting the device had no effect. All code without the (root or window).wm_attributes(’-fullscreen’, ‘false’) still shows fullscreen with not titlebar or window decorations.