To an Admin- Best Mobile Browser for

Hello newbie here! If I could, I would love to have an official FCC admin answer this :slight_smile: I got ridiculed
when I asked this in the chat room. Probably a stupid newbie Q, here goes.

No trolling, please.

Quick Q what’s the best browser on Android to use The site shows up differently on mobile Chrome- mainly, it’s the fake “phone” where the code executes that looks different, and I kind of feel wierd when it doesn’t look like that on mobile. It doens’t look like a phone, it just looks like a box.


I am using both a ZTE phone (which is 5 inches tall or so) and a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (which is about 8.5 tall inches)

Chrome is probably the best browser you can use, as it supports more CSS and JS features than any other browser I’ve tried.

I’d recommend finding the time for using your desktop if possible, especially since the projects aren’t possible to complete on Mobile, unless you’re ready to fight with Codepen when you’re trying to type anything in it.

@P1xt thanks!!! You’re the best! Yeah I was pissed off that this regular user was being rude to me that particular day. Not sure what his problem was. I didn’t know who to turn to then but now I know to @ Quincy! Probably more moderators would be a good idea? I’ll hit the forum first after Googling if I’m stuck now, thanks for the advice!

@imtoobose Definitely, I do the challenges on a computer, definitely the best full experience. I’ve ditched doing mobile for now. Ah well!

Cheers to both of you!!