Today, freecode camp is giving me a raw deal!

The import function does not work any way! could it be that I am importing code from a repo that does not exist?

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import * as stringfunctions from './string_function.js';
// Only change code above this line


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Challenge: Use * to Import Everything from a File

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Hi @kenoketch35 !

They are still working on the issue.

Thanks @jwilkins.oboe

Just dropped a fix. Sorry about the inconvenience folks and thanks a lot for your continued patience.

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notw your code will still have an issue, as stringFunctions is not defined

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I was preoccupied with the error earlier that I didn’t realize that your code doesn’t pass anyway.

@ilenia brought up one of the issues.

But your other issue is here

FCC instructions:
The code in this file requires the contents of the file: string_functions.js

You have to use exact spelling and proper casing.

Once you fix those two issues than the test will pass.

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