Toggling between Fahrenheit and Celsius and back again

Okay, so I’ve got a decent ways through the challenge with minimal frustration, but this one which seems like a simple task, is killing me. Three solid days of slow torture. Anyway, I’ve got the first part down where you can click of the red F and it changes to C and updates the temperature. It is the flipping back part that is the issue. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do that. I’ve tried modifying various versions that I’ve seen around and none of them work like I want.

Here’s My Pen. Sorry for the bland background.

Hi. I’m not sure your temperature is correct. It’s about 30 degrees cooler in my place than your site says.

I’m also not sure about your calculation. fahrenheit = Math.floor(celsius * (5/9) + 32);

I think it is (celsius * (9/5) + 32);
This site was very helpful to me when I worked on this project:

It looks like you have a function to toggle F to C. But I do not see a function to toggle C to F. I think you may need to tell it what to do on each temp toggle.

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There in lies my issue. I’m not even sure how to structure flipping it back to Fahrenheit once I get it to Celsius. Thanks for the heads up on the calc. I’ve been flipping so many things around the past few days I hadn’t even noticed it.

I understand. It was not the easiest project for me, but I was very proud of my work once it was over.

All you need to do is check to see what the toggle is on. If it is on C then toggle to F, and if it is on F then toggle to C.

This could be inside one function. First check to see what it is. Then change it. Do that on each click.