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I feel like my logic would work, but I seem to have a problem with timing and assignment in my code. I’ve console.logged things and they do what they’re supposed to (the toUpperCase() turns all first letter in a word to capitals, toLowerCase() takes care of all errant capital letters).

So what am I overlooking?

As always, thank you for your help

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function titleCase(str) {
let chars = str.toLowerCase();;
str = chars.split(' ');
for(let i = 0; i < str.length; i++){
 str.join(' ');
return str;

titleCase("I'm a little tea pot");
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toUpperCase() turns all first letter in a word to capitals

No, that method it *returns a new string with all the letters in the string converted to uppercase.

There are some other issues with your code.


There are two issues here. First, str[i] is a string. You seem to want to change the first char of that string. You cannot do that in JS. You cannot change strings, you can only create a new one and replace the old one. There are languages where you can manipulate individual chars of a string - JS is not one of them.

Also, as alluded to before, toUpperCase does not act on the string itself but returns a new string. So this line takes a string that is the first char of the array’s string, converts it to uppercase, and then does nothing with it - you’d have to save it into a variable to do anything with it.

  str.join(' ');
  return str;

The join method does not change the value of str - again, it returns a new string and str remains unchanged. You need to do something with that return value.

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