Topic:Testing objects for properties

Does anyone have a solution to this cause i have been trying different things for the test code and it’s not working ,not sure whether it’s my method or the spacing that’s tripping my code up even when I change to try getting the code to work a different way it’s still not working…I’ve added an image ,hope I get a solution

Spacing is irrelevant in JavaScript, so nothing to do with that. Can you please paste actual code though, not pictures, it’s extremely difficult to see what’s happening with a picture.

If you click on “Help” at the bottom of the your screen there, it’ll pop up a menu. If you click “Ask for help” on that menu it will make a post on this forum with your current code & a link back to the challenge

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Remember, you are checking if the string in the variable checkProp is a property on obj, not the string “checkProp” itself.

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