Totally stuck trying to use a PHP variable in JavaScript

I am trying to use a PHP variable in JS and have read tons of questions and answers on many forums and help sites but the explained explanations are not working in the script.

This is the index.js (it works if I use a url in the loadJSON function in place of MyData but this allows the PHP file to be viewed in the browser)

// PHP Variable containing json data
var MyData = "<?php echo $wheelData; ?>";
//load your JSON (you could jQuery if you prefer)

function loadJSON(callback) {
  var xobj = new XMLHttpRequest();
  xobj.overrideMimeType("application/json");'GET',  MyData,  true); 
  xobj.onreadystatechange = function() {
    if (xobj.readyState  == 4  &&  xobj.status  ==  "200") {
      //Call the anonymous function (callback) passing in the response

// function capture the results
function myResult(e) {
  //e is the result object
    console.log('Spin Count: ' + e.spinCount + ' - ' + 'Win: ' + + ' - ' + 'Message: ' +  e.msg);

    // userData object
      console.log('User defined score: ' + e.userData.score)



// function to capture errors
function myError(e) {
  //e is error object
  console.log('Spin Count: ' + e.spinCount + ' - ' + 'Message: ' +  e.msg);


function myGameEnd(e) {
  // e is gameResultsArray

function init() {

  loadJSON(function(response) {
    // Parse JSON string to an object
    var jsonData = JSON.parse(response);
    // spin it
    var mySpinBtn = document.querySelector('.spinBtn');
    //create new instance and pass in the vars object
    var myWheel = new Spin2WinWheel();
    // button
    myWheel.init({data:jsonData, onResult:myResult, onGameEnd:myGameEnd, onError:myError, spinTrigger: mySpinBtn});

//And finally call it

The most common way I found is to use this (as above)…

var MyData = "<?php echo $wheelData;  ?>";

The PHP variable is passed from the controller to the view and is json_encoded in the controller and called in the index.js via script tags in the views index.tpl file.

(I have also tried encoding in the view and in the script all fail the same way) .

But all I am getting is a string being returned and not the json in the PHP variable, like this…

unnamed (1)

I know the json in the variable is working as validated it.

Why am I getting an echo/print of

 var MyData = "<?php echo $wheelData; ?>";

And not the json data? I have tried with and without double quotes and its the same, i tried escaping the php tags like

 var MyData = '; echo $wheelData;  echo ';

Again same result… What am I missing here?

Any advice appreciated as once this is working I can do my thing in PHP…

Thank you!

index.js is loaded after PHP has already rendered the page that imports the index.js file into it. At the point where the index.js file is imported, it is just going to treat <?php echo $wheelData; ?> OR ; echo $wheelData; echo as a string.

You should have a php endpoint that can be referenced in the following line:'GET',  'url-for-php-page-that-returns-json',  true); 

Your php page would echo $wheelData.

Right I understand now that you have pointed out the problem.

Now I know this I am pretty sure I can get it working.

Thank you for your help!

Yeah that worked. I created a new function in the controller and added my PHP array then json_encoded it and then used echo in the controller. Then added this to JavaScript…'GET',  'the/path/here',  true);

And it works!

Thank You!

P.S I can still follow the index.js and find the URL then use it in address bar to see the data. Is there a way to hide this?