Traffic Light Pomodoro Clock Feedback

Hi Campers,

Would love some feedback on my pomodoro clock.

Thanks in advance

You have a strange bug that I will try to explain. I suggest modifying your setInterval to 200 instead of 1000 just for testing purposes, so you don’t have to wait so long to see the issue. Next set both the session and break times to 1 min. Start the timer and everything works perfectly for the session (the green slowly takes over from top to bottom. Once the session is over, the break starts taking over from bottom to top. Pause the timer while in the break shortly after it enter the break session so that only 10% of the bottom is red and 90% is green at the top. Then, restart the timer and the red portion will jump to the top and start coming down instead of going up as it should have been.

Basically, when you hit pause when in the break timer, it immediately switches to the session timer and continues in the session timer once unpaused.

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Wow amazing you picked up on that. Thanks so much, should be fixed now.