Transfer CodePen to GitHub

Hi everyone!

I open my page on GitHub and would like to transfer my works from CodePen there. I changed some things (like putting the <! DOCTYPE>, <html>, <link to the css-file> etc. in HTML-file and <style> in CSS-file) but still not all the CSS and HTML features are shown on GitHub Pages correctly (like in CodePen). Did someone try to do it before? What the matter can be?

or will I understand my mistakes when I start to learn Markdown with FCC? I think it might be a thing :slight_smile:

@dieplumpe Sometimes the pages take a minute to load. Try hitting CTRL + SHIFT + R.

No, no. It’s loaded (i did it like some days ago), it’s just not all the flexboxes and style things working like they worked on CodePen

Do you have a link to the repository?

there is an export button somewhere in codepen, maybe with that it works better

I did it with export button, of course.
Never mind, I think it might be issues with style and markdown or I don’t know. I will try to change it and to check it. It’s troublesome cause in GitHub you didn’t see the result of the changes in instant like on CodePen.